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About Luiza Jarovsky

Luiza Jarovsky is a lawyer, co-founder of Implement Privacy, author of Luiza's Newsletter, and host of Luiza's Podcast. Through her Masterclasses, training programs, and widely known newsletter and podcast, she reimagines technology in light of privacy, transparency, and fairness. More than 80,000 people worldwide follow her work and subscribe to her publications.

In 2023, Luiza was named by LinkedIn a Top Voice in AI; in 2021, she received a Westin Scholar Award from the IAPP, and in 2020, she was awarded by the President of Israel the “President's Scholarship for Excellence in Science and Innovation” for her Ph.D. research.

Before focusing on privacy & AI, she worked as a corporate lawyer, advising entrepreneurs. She published three fiction books and edited the book “Law for Entrepreneurs” (in Portuguese).

Originally from Brazil, Luiza graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo, completed her Master's at Tel Aviv University, and is doing her Ph.D. there as well. She speaks English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Hebrew and is a proud mother of 3.

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Reimagining technology through privacy, transparency, and fairness. 80,000+ people subscribe to our publications and follow us online


Luiza Jarovsky

CEO of Implement Privacy, Author of Luiza's Newsletter, Host of Luiza's Podcast, LinkedIn Top Voice, Ph.D. Researcher, Author, Speaker, Latina, Polyglot, Mother of 3